Kevin Humphries


12 October 2017

As Member for Barwon, I am aware that many are currently experiencing dry conditions throughout our electorate. It is important to consider that, while relative soil moisture, rainfall and growth is significantly low, the level of distress in our communities is still varied. This is, in part, due to a few good seasons and the ability of our farming community to prepare for dry times. 

However it is critical to acknowledge those parts of the electorate that are more distressed than others and to keep up to date with seasonal conditions reporting. In the past, LGA areas have been ‘declared drought’ when dry conditions persist which triggered the release of certain supportive measures. The NSW government no longer technically ‘declares drought’ which is in line with the Intergovernmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform.

Unlike natural disasters like floods or fire, dry conditions develop over time and therefore I encourage drought preparedness. The NSW Government has a number of supportive measures in place that farm business can access all of the time

Drought Hub is the one stop shop for anyone looking to understand the support measures available. It’s a brilliant program that contains the details of the NSW Drought Strategy – a $300 million commitment announced in 2015.

The drought framework is divided into six key themes:

  • Finance e.g. The Farm Innovation Fund
  • Skills and Training e.g. The Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program
  • Transport for animal welfare e.g. Transport Assistance
  • Information and resources e.g. Local Land Services and DPI
  • Research and development e.g. Bureau of Meteorology, DPI
  • Wellbeing e.g. The Rural Resilience Program
  • Commonwealth Services and Support e.g. Farm Household Allowance

The Rural Assistance Authority (RAA) sits within the arm that administers grant and support measures. 

The NSW Government is committed to helping farm business become more resilient and more prepared in tough times. The farming community know that they are facing dry times therefore, if anything, I encourage them to ‘check-in’ with where they and their farming business sits in regards to drought preparedness.

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