Kevin Humphries


Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Tourism is a vital industry for Barwon’s Broken Hill and Far West communities and Labor’s recent $1M Tourism Recovery Fund for the Far West pledge, is a slap in the face for Far West communities.

Member for Barwon Kevin Humphries said “clearly Labor has no idea what it takes to make tourism prosper. Creating an outstanding experience requires ongoing investment in infrastructure, roads, places and its communities.

“The Nationals have invested over $46.8M in Broken Hill and Far West tourism infrastructure, with a further $10M pledged through Local Government Tourism Marketing and Infrastructure fund.

“We know that when people visit regional NSW, they stay in local accommodation, buy from local shops and eat at local restaurants and cafes, helping to create more jobs and turbocharge our local economies.

“The Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund invests in infrastructure to increase tourist visitation. Projects such as the Broken Hill Perfect Light Project, The Broken Heel Festival, Screen Broken Hill, the Wilcannia Heritage Centre and Silverton Jail Museum, are all prime examples of the NSW Government’s ongoing commitment to Broken Hill and the Far West.
“Additionally, the NSW Government has implemented the industry to reach an ambitious target of $20 billion in visitor expenditure in rural and regional NSW by 2025, rising to $25 billion in 2030,” Kevin Humphries said.

“Aboriginal tourism is a key part of NSW’s appeal to international travelers, with visitors from China, the United States and United Kingdom among those most likely to include the Far West Indigenous tourism experience in their itinerary.

“Over the past five years, more than 1.3 million international travelers to NSW took part in an Aboriginal tourism experience, with these visitors spending an estimated $5 billion during their stay,” Kevin Humphries said.

Building Weirs, sealing roads and funding multi-million dollar cultural centres are generational game changers for Broken Hill and the Far West. Labor’s pathetic $1M pledge is a clear lack of confidence in the local Labor candidate.

Labor cannot be trusted with tourism.

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