Kevin Humphries


Monday, 11 February 2019

Member for Barwon Kevin Humphries has condemned Labor and their Independent colleagues for instigating a scare campaign leading into the March election.

Kevin Humphries said “whilst all communities in our electorate continue to do it tough across the regions there is a small pocket of egocentric community members playing a blame game that only will serve to divide communities further, ultimately resulting in less effective outcomes.

“I am always sceptical of those who try and reinvent history, either to be disruptive, out of self-interest or they are just plain ignorant.

“Water is the backbone of our communities and its ongoing supply chain; it underwrites employment, the environment and industry.

“It is essential that the correct information is delivered to ensure we address the changing climate and understand how it is impacting our land and environment” Kevin Humphries said.

Whilst the recent fish kill in the Lower Darling River is a major ecological disaster, the interim report released last month indicates drought did play a significant role.

History documents right back to 1896, 1929 and as recently as 2002 and 2004 during the millennium drought, record where numerous fish deaths occurred in the Lower Darling River and Menindee due to extreme dry environmental conditions.

“With interest I read The Wilcannia News 5th February 2019 - History Corner “of late there has been more dead fish than water coming down. Some of the fish when taken from the river weighed 50 lbs. The cause of death is a mystery”.

“The NSW government will continue to investigate and implement the most appropriate water management actions during what is an ongoing extreme event. We need to move forward with productive solutions.

“Not only have we secured up community water supplies with pipelines and ground water, we have put in place the resources for new weirs at Wilcannia and Walgett, something no other government has done in these unprecedented times.

“The Nationals have developed potential strategies to improve Management of the Menindee Lakes and are committed to getting on with the job of supporting our communities, job development and water security for the future,” Kevin Humphries concluded.

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