Kevin Humphries


11 April 2018

Member for Barwon, Kevin Humphries is appalled that Labor is back to their old tricks of abandoning Western NSW landholders and communities. 

The Nationals and Liberals have led the way in investment and reform across the regions, including the modernisation of the Crown Land Management Act 2016, allowing for greater flexibility in land management and encouragement of economic growth in the region.

Mr Humphries said this reform has been extremely well received by landholders and communities such as Broken Hill and Lightning Ridge which are landlocked for further residential and commercial development.

Labor’s Penny Sharpe is seeking to introduce a disallowance motion in the NSW Upper House eliminating the opportunity to convert their properties to freehold.  

“I bet her Labor comrades would be fuming if we wanted to convert their property and home title from freehold to leasehold. What right does Labor have in restricting the rights and opportunities for people living in Western NSW,” Mr Humphries said.

Western leasehold title makes up 40% of the NSW land mass. While not relevant to all leaseholders in the Western Division, many will have the opportunity to voluntarily purchase their lease and convert their title to freehold. Those landholders who have capability and benefits to diversify should be afforded this opportunity.

Mr Humphries said Lightning Ridge needs to expand residential opportunity, Broken Hill has no room for additional industrial use and land on the north side of the Murray has had limited development potential (unlike the southern Victoria side) due to restricted western land lease title.

“Farmers in the County of Finch, north of Walgett, have been crying out for this opportunity for more than 25 years, where additional farming opportunity awaits but currently restricted due to a piece of legislation that is 120 years old.

“This confirms both Labor’s city centric attitude and their failure to understand the needs of rural NSW. They don’t listen and remain stuck to an ideology that is out of date and lacks any understanding of community benefit,” continued Mr Humphries.

“Barwon has capital works programs underway right across the electorate - now upwards of $1.2 billion and growing. Labor could never deliver this and are envious of what is being achieved by good government. The Regional Growth Fund is providing funding improvements which are having an enormous influence throughout our rural communities.

“This reform provides enormous benefits at no cost to rural NSW.

“It is a huge concern that significant policy such as the modernisation of the Crown Land Management Act 2016 would be revoked if Labor wins the seat of Barwon.

“This NO GO Labor attitude adds to Labor’s NO CAN DO commitment to rural and remote NSW communities,” Mr Humphries concluded.

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