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Electricians Union?

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In the USA there are two different types of electricians’ unions. The one that is non-profit and has been around more than many people will realize is the Electrical Workers Union or the marriage. This marriage is typically shaped by workers who do all kinds of construction work at the residential, commercial, and industrial industries. The other type of electricians’ union that’s here today and going strong is your Construction Owners Association or the Building and Construction Workers’ Union or the Builders and Contractors Union.

Electricians Union?

It’s amazing the number of people that are completely misinformed about what an electricians union is about. I guess it is simply amazing that so many people out there feel that in the event that you belong to a company or hold a job that you have some type of proprietary relationship with your employer you can not go anywhere without coming into contact with them. That couldn’t be farther from the reality. There’s nothing between you and your employer in regards to your labor; you are merely a worker working for that firm under an agreement between you and your employer.

Electricians Union?

It is not easy to think that a few people believe that they have a contract with their business that prevents them from moving anywhere else. In reality this is a myth and anybody who tells you differently is either being purposefully misleading or is completely misinformed himself. Any sort of non-compete agreement which exists between a business and a worker for job purposes is null and void and has no place in a modern court of law. As stated in the previous paragraph, some non-compete agreement which exists between you and your potential or current manager is totally worthless and should not be honored.

The electricians’ union actually negotiates the price you cover your electrician. They’ve a say in what you’ll be billed for services rendered. Your business is simply paying them what they believe you should be payingfor. It’s their job to ensure you’re getting your work done in the best value possible. When they know you are unhappy with the services they leave you have the right to enter discussions with them about what you’re paying them.

  • Now you might ask,”So what, I’m not paying them anything today or in the future because I already signed a non-compete arrangement with my plumber’s union?” This is a great point and one which I feel all entrepreneurs should consider when considering starting their own small business. The reality is that when you’re working with an present organization, such as a union, there’s generally a great deal of trust that is placed upon the employees. Even in a totally free market, if you do not have the confidence in your company from your employees, you’re going to find that it is difficult to have work.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, I would strongly recommend that you combine the electricians union. Not only are you going to have credibility with your colleagues but you will also find yourself with a lot more funds. You will have the backing of an entire industry instead of only one individual. In addition, when the market turns around and rivalry becomes even stiffer, you will have a leg up on the other side since you will be reliable by all of your coworkers. The simple truth is that the benefits of being a member of an electricians union far outweigh the disadvantages.